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Education and training play a major part in Infection prevention and control (IPC)

BacFree UK has a fully qualified training provider and have created an accredited training course in IPC to enable our clients to be fully trained and have a competent understanding of how viruses and infections spread and how to prevent them spreading.

Currently this is a course which is delivered via Zoom with an exam to be taken at the end, certification will be issued for all candidates that pass the course.

Take a look at the information below and please get in touch if you would like to book yourself and/or your team in for the training.

Helen has a wealth of experience working in healthcare environment. She started her caring career working in nursing homes looking after the elderly as a healthcare assistant. After qualifying as a registered nurse in 2001 Helen worked as a respiratory specialist nurse and then later as an intensive care nurse on a cardiac intensive care unit.

Helen has always had a passion for training which she picked up during her university social activities where she qualified as a SCUBA diving instructor. Taking this to the next level Helen qualified with a PGCE in adult education while working as a clinical trainer. After working as a ventilator training specialist for a number of years Helen began a role as the Training and Development Lead within a large community complex care provider. Before joining Actionable Intelligence in September 2018, Helen’s final position was as the Head of Learning and Professional Development for a Hospice where she developed extensive skills in caring for people in the final stage of their life and is passionate to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to die with dignity. Throughout all of these roles Helen has had a special interest in ensuring that the infection prevention and control measures within the organisations were at their premium for without this you are not doing the most you can to care for the patients, staff or visitors.

About the course

The infection prevention and control course will provide all learners with the knowledge and skills to be able to identify and understand the dangers associated with sources of infection and the practical steps that you can take on a personal and organisational level to minimise that risk of exposure to yourself and others.

During the training we will discuss and explore;

  • the behaviours of pathogens including COVID-19,
  • your personal and organizational responsibilities in relation to infection preventing and control,
  • risk assessment and
  • the key reduction measures you can adopt to reduce the identified risks. The risk reduction measures include management of the person (including hand hygiene, personal protective equipment and personal fitness to work) and, the environment (including Management of occupational Exposure, the environment and waste and the equipment)

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